Thursday, December 4, 2008

Susupicious radio advertising: of Premier Team Int. Inc.

When driving home today I heard a commercial for a work at home program on the radio. My first thought was "Hey, they're advertising this on the radio. I should check it out!" Well I did. And what I discovered was rather shocking. BBB gave them a score of an "F". The reviews coming up about the company were even more shocking and nearly ALL negative.

The reviews about this site all have the same gist. This company, after receiving a free informational package (which is the only free thing you will get from them), charges a hefty 20 dollars a month for membership! They simply wish to make money.

It's strange how these scam type sites are being advertised through the general public. Whats worse is how people, myself included, fall for them. It's human nature to be trusting of others. Sadly, in the online business world, that doesn't work. An excellent review on the product this company offers can be found here. If you don't want to click on the link, here's the post, credited to Username: AC on

Hi I have been a PTI member for over a year now and I would advise you to move carefully. They advertise it as an income opportunity, and sometimes as a job which it is not (if you were not recruited this way, you will need to be ok with decieving others in this manner to join your team). You will need to invest anywhere from $180- $299 just to start, plus $19.99/mo for pti membership, plus $17/mo for a toll free number, plus hundreds more dollars in internet lead and even more for newspaper ads and fliers, etc, etc, etc. It goes on and on. You will also be pressured to achieve (aka: purchase) the supervisor level- cost: $2500- $3000 depending. They encourage this very strongly and while they dont openly say you should, most testimonials say they used a credit card, loan or sold possessions to do this. After one year I was considered a "Success" I sold over $10,000 in product and got to be "earning" over $1500 per month. By the way my cost of business with advertising was about $2000 per month. I ended the year with no savings and an $1900 credit card bill. I was told to tell people that I profited $1500 per month and not to mention the cost because it was "my choice what I spent my profits on". So that is the scoop. Even if you are okay with spending a large amount of money and working a lot of hours away from family for no pay, you also have to be okay with duping other hopeful, poor people into doing the same thing. They also encourage you to do other questionable things like put fliers on atms, pop machines, etc, which is illegal (private property) and to ignore when people threaten to call the police on you. The products that we sell are good, but it's hard to find clientel and often times it doesnt work and people want their money back. In that case you end up taking a huge loss (someone buys a program for $200, you pay $150 to the company and keep $50, then they want their money back and return the containers to you. You are then responsible to give them $200 from your own pocket plus pay to ship the product containers back to Herbalife and the company then sends you new product, which you can resell, but that in turn costs more money in advertising and shipping and time just to break even at that point. I hope that answers your questions and that you proceed with all the info. Good job looking into it ahead of time! I wish I would have.


by AC

Happy hunting!

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